Our offer for investors
Using years of experience and professionalism of our traders in trading on various digital exchanges, as well as the use of competent trading strategies, we have developed an innovative offer with a fixed and guaranteed interest rate, with simple conditions of withdrawal of received dividends.
Management of trading processes is brought to perfection in Growth Edge Finance Investment and steadily increases the level of profit of our investors. When you entrust us with your assets, you entrust them to the best professionals in the field. In our work we use only cutting edge technology, competent calculations and the safest trading strategies.
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The principal amount of the deposit is included in the daily interest

Our platform offers capital growth services for every client, regardless of their status, income or country of residence.


We take care of our investors, their comfort and safety when working with the platform using innovations and the latest developments in the IT field.


Our offer is designed with years of cryptocurrency trading experience using smart trading strategies.


We use only cutting-edge technology, intelligent calculations and the safest trading strategies.


All web services and data exchange takes place over SSL-protected channels (https). Wallets are stored using PGP encryption.

Acceptance of different payment systems
For your convenience, we use the most popular payment systems, electronic and crypto-purses.